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New Paper Bowl making Machine for Food manufacturer New Paper Bowl making Machine for Food manufacturer
New Paper Bowl making Machine for Food manufacturer New Paper Bowl making Machine for Food manufacturer


New Paper Bowl making Machine for Food manufacturer

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Paper Bowl Making Machine: This machine is designed to produce paper bowls with PE coating, it making bowls for hot and cold food items. Our machine with high-speed production and can produce various sizes of paper bowls.


Our paper bowl making machine, with high production capacity, speed, size flexibility, automation level, and quality control features. It is also important to ensure that the machine meets your specific requirements and complies with relevant safety and quality standards. Consulting with a reputable supplier or manufacturer can help you find the right machine for your food manufacturing business.

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Rated   Speed:

50~80   PCS/minute, (3000~4800 PCS/hour, on cup size, paper quality and thickness)

Paper   Cup Size:

(mold   exchangeable) 10~35 oz bowl, container, cup

Raw   Material:

One   or Two side PE film coated paper,

Suitable   paper weight:

180~350   gsm

Power   Source:

380V   3-phase, 50HZ

Total   Power:


Working   Power:


Total   Weight:


Pack   Size (L*W*H)

2750   x 1330 x 2000 mm

Working   Air Source:

Air   pressure:0.4Mpa;  Air   Out-put:0.6m³/minute

User   should BUY Air Compressor

Cup   Side Welding:

Ultrasonic   System

Cup   Bottom Heating:

Hot   air (need air compressor to supply air)

Cup   Bottom Knurling:

Heater   Knurling (if use single PE coated paper)

Cool Device (recycle water) knurling, for double PE   coated paper


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