We developed paper cup machine, paper bowl machine, paper box forming machine, paper plate machine, lid forming machine
as well as paper die cutting and printing machine.

Roll Die Cutting Machine with Printing Function LBM-B Series

Our machine has function of automatically complete the full process of die cutting, creasing, embssoing and stack collection. It is an ideal cutting machine

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Automatic Double Line Paper Box Machine LB-1600

Our LB 1600 Automatic Double Line Paper Box Machine with firm structure,high quality,low noise and high efficiency.1600 Automatic Double Line Paper Box Machine has the full servo control. Besides, it is very fast and suit for paper box of large quantity. It adopts photoelectric system controls. In case of an error in the paper box, the gluing tray will automatically rise, and it will return to normal after one cycle.

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Hydraulic Multifunction Paper Plate Machine LB 600Y-GP

LB 600Y-GP Hydraulic Multifunction Paper Plate Machine adopts straight-line forming, which is paper feeding, forming and collecting in one straight line. stable forming, high efficiency and labor saving.

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Automatic Food Paper Box Machine LB 600

LB 600 Automatic Paper Box Machine is an ideal equipment for the production of folding paper box,can produce square box for suchi,bread and pastry.The machine adopts aluminum alloy mold with mechanical structure, automatic paper feeding and paper walking.It has the characteristics of stability,efficiency and accuracy.

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Roll Die Punching Machine

LBC series automatic roll punching machine based on international advanced technology, it’s widely used in printing, packaging and paper products industries. It adopts micro-computer, human-computer control interface, servo positioning, alternating current frequency converter, manual pneumatic lock plate, photoelectric correcting deviation system, centralized oil lubrication. All the key parts and controls of the machine are imported.

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Zhejiang Labo Machinery Group Co.ltd. forcus on paper packaging machinery. We provide paper cup machine, die cutting machine, box forming machine, paper plate machine, lids machine and so on. 
We provide the best packaging solution for our clients. We aim to be the leader in paper packaging industry.


We provide best and professional paper packaging solution to you in paper packaging machinery line.

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